HumanX Unveils Key Tracks for 2025 Gathering
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Creating HumanX now isn't just about keeping pace with the trend; it's literally shaping the future. By anchoring the conference in the practical and real-world applications relevant to you, we're not just discussing possibilities—we're forging pathways to turn visions into reality.

A moving seamless grid collage displaying multiple images of HumanX founders Stefan Weitz and Jonathan Weiner. The images are in black and white with hints of blue, portraying their friendship and entrepreneurial ventures. The grid showcases the duo in various settings, suggesting a sense of collaboration and shared vision in their business endeavors.

HumanX is the brainchild of co-founders Stefan Weitz and Jonathan Weiner, whose combined expertise and outlook serve as the driving forces behind the company’s mission.

Weitz, a veteran of Microsoft with 18 years of experience, has led billion-user technologies, including, while also pioneering strategic initiatives in online platforms and cybersecurity, showcasing a profound understanding of technology trends and a talent for transforming concepts into thriving ventures.

Weiner, founder of Money2020, HLTH, ViVE, and Shoptalk, brings to the table extensive experience in both technology and conference management, coupled with leadership roles at Google Wallet and Payments, multiple company acquisitions, and investments in over 100 startups.

Together, their complementary strengths and understanding of technological advancement position them to lead HumanX in its mission to bring clarity to AI complexity.

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Woman on stage presenting at a conference.
HumanX AI Conference Unveils First 100 Speakers, Opens Registration
Wed, May 15, 2024

Speakers Include Leaders from Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Adobe, with Curated Matchmaking Programs also Announced to Address Industry-Specific Needs and Investments

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In the foreground, the Human X logo is shown shattering a pane of glass, with fragments scattering outward. Behind the glass, Greek columns are partially visible, suggesting a classical setting. The background features creamy off-white tones, creating a contrast with the dynamic action in the foreground. This imagery symbolizes breaking through traditional industry standards and challenging the status quo.
Exclusive: HumanX raises $6M for AI conference
Axios Pro | Exclusive Content
Mon, Apr 15, 2024

HumanX has raised $6.125 million in seed funding to building a large-scale AI conference, along with other related ventures, exclusively tell Axios.

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A sophisticated image of a high-end editorial magazine cover. The focus is on a male figure, standing confidently with a large letter "X" in front of him. The "X" represents the vertical logo of HumanX, prominently displayed as a central design element on the cover. The overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, suggesting a contemporary and stylish publication.
HumanX Raises $6M to Launch the Premier Community for AI, Setting Agenda for Inaugural Gathering in March 2025
Business Wire
Mon, Apr 15, 2024

With Funding From Primary Ventures, Foundation Capital and FPV Ventures, HumanX is Focused on Distilling AI Complexity into Actionable Insights, Strategy and Tactics for Decision makers in Corporations and Governments

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