HumanX Unveils Key Tracks for 2025 Gathering
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HumanX Raises over $6M to Launch the Premier Community for AI, Setting Agenda for Inaugural Gathering in March 2025

With Funding from Primary Ventures, Foundation Capital and FPV, HumanX is Focused on Distilling AI Complexity into Actionable Insights, Strategy and Tactics for the Decisionmakers in Corporations and Governments

HumanX, a forum for leaders in AI started by the team behind HLTH and Money20/20, makes its official debut today with the announcement of its annual conference. The inaugural gathering will be hosted in March 2025 and bring together C-suite leaders, industry decision makers, policymakers, founders and AI-practitioners to delve into the latest advancements and challenges presented by AI. To support its initiatives, HumanX raised more than $6 million in funding led by Primary Venture Partners, with participation from Foundation Capital and FPV Ventures.

Driven by a commitment to distilling AI complexity into practical and actionable solutions for organizations, HumanX’s programming will rely upon industry-specific data to pinpoint the unique issues and questions facing organizations today. HumanX will offer distinct insights, strategies and tactics for leaders to move confidently forward in deploying and integrating AI. 

“In an era where AI's influence touches every facet of our lives, our work, and even society at large, understanding its implications and harnessing its potential responsibly and effectively is paramount. I’m excited for HumanX: a gathering that will offer much-needed thought leadership to navigate these complex waters, shaping a future where technology amplifies human capability and innovation,” said Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn and Co-Founder of 

HumanX serves as an incubator to make AI useful to organizations across the globe through a three-pronged approach. Aside from its inaugural gathering in early 2025, the HumanX organization will also deliver the following:

  • A Data-Driven Advisory Service: Together with HarrisX, the leading data-analytics and market-research platform, HumanX will provide quantitative insights into AI adoption and challenges across industries. This partnership will first produce a comprehensive industry report scheduled for release this summer to help frame the key questions facing each industry. Moving forward, the pair will partner with a major consultancy (to be announced) to supplement this data with qualitative insights offered to organizations on a subscription basis, enabling them to gain a competitive edge within their peer set. 
  • AI Regulation and Policy Advocacy: Committed to ethical AI practices, HumanX will launch a nonprofit entity in the fall dedicated to advocating for responsible AI regulation and policies. The HumanX Foundation will ensure that corporate and governmental organizations have a voice in shaping the future of AI governance and will partner with, as well as support other nonprofits in the space. Partnering with Concordant, a newly formed business advisory within Public Policy Holding Co. (PPHC), the world’s largest policy and public affairs firm, HumanX will leverage their unique expertise in policy to ensure that the acceleration of AI technology aligns with future regulatory standards.  

The inaugural HumanX conference is scheduled for March 10-13, 2025 at The Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas. The three-day conference will represent leaders from diverse industries, such as: Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services, Consumer and Retail, Cybersecurity, Sales and Marketing, Infrastructure Tools and Business Operations. HumanX will equip attendees with practical, industry-specific insights, knowledge-sharing and best-practices, and networking opportunities. 

Thought-leaders, innovators and investors have already welcomed the arrival of HumanX as filling a much-needed hole in the market, resulting in a diverse and dynamic slate of over 50 high-profile speakers who have confirmed prior to the conference being announced. The initial slate of the first 50 of 300 speakers will be announced at the end of April. People are encouraged to sign up for updates on the gathering at

HumanX is the brainchild of co-founders Stefan Weitz and Jonathan Weiner, whose combined expertise and outlook serve as the driving forces behind the company’s mission. Weitz, a veteran of Microsoft with 18 years of experience, has led billion-user technologies, including, while also pioneering strategic initiatives in online platforms and cybersecurity, showcasing a profound understanding of technology trends and a talent for transforming concepts into thriving ventures. Weiner, founder of HLTH, ViVE, Money20/20 and Shoptalk, brings to the table extensive experience in both technology and conference management, coupled with leadership roles at Google Wallet and Payments, multiple company acquisitions, and investments in over 100 startups. Together, their complementary strengths and understanding of technological advancement position them to lead HumanX in its mission to bring clarity to AI complexity.

“I was promised Knight Rider as a kid, and for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to believe it might be possible. But progress is uneven because we have been witnessing AI developments unfold at an unprecedented speed. The challenge for today’s leaders isn’t more AI inspiration or fear, it’s about evaluating and deploying it in ways that are impactful, responsible and sustainable, ensuring a real return on investment,” said Weitz, CEO and co-founder of HumanX. “Our focus is to clear and forge that path, making AI accessible, understandable, and most importantly, practical for every organization.”

“I’m confident HumanX will become the preeminent event in AI, delivering the highest ROI for innovative companies aiming to shape industries, investors looking for the most impactful founders, startups seeking funding from the most knowledgeable value-add investors in AI, media looking to break meaningful stories in the field, and much more. We could not be more excited to partner with the ecosystem to create the most important platform for companies and individuals to leverage,” said Weiner, co-founder of HumanX. 

“A ferocious appetite for AI content and community has been hockey-sticking since November 2022,” said Brian Schechter, partner at Primary Venture Partners. “Yet we still lack an opportunity to convene, learn, rally, and do business. The HumanX team has the capacity and the vision to do just that. We’re thrilled to be involved and look forward to supporting the team to contribute in any small way we can to capture this unprecedented chance to shape the future of the AI industry.”

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About HumanX:

HumanX is a pioneer in AI strategy, serving as a catalyst for organizations seeking clear, actionable solutions in the dynamic AI landscape. By cutting through the noise and providing pragmatic strategies, HumanX empowers enterprises and governments to harness the full potential of AI technology. Founded by seasoned veterans in technology and conference management, Stefan Weitz and Jonathan Weiner, HumanX is committed to democratizing AI, making it accessible and actionable for organizations of all sizes worldwide.

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