HumanX Unveils Key Tracks for 2025 Gathering
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Building meaningful connections between solution providers and AI key decision-makers.

The most common request we hear from our enterprise partners is to help them find the right solution for their AI needs. In a sea awash with options, finding that needle in the haystack can be a full time job.

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HumanX SolutionBridge is an exclusive, invitation-only portion of the conference meant for senior decision makers and top solution providers. At the core of the program is 15 minute, 1:1 meetings between budget holders and vetted vendors.  

Featuring companies from almost two dozen industries and department functions, technology decision makers report that SolutionBridge is one of the most valuable parts of HumanX’s sister conference, HLTH. With nearly 4500 meetings booked at HLTH 2023, SolutionBridge is the key to turning chaos into confidence.


Strategic Matching:

AI-optimized, double-opt-in matchmaking, where you can meet vetted vendors based on your distinct needs.

Simplified Sourcing:

Speak with up to 12 companies who could solve your most pressing needs  and accomplish months worth of meetings in only a few hours.

Complimentary Registration:

Qualified leaders save up to $3,995 in HumanX registration fees in exchange for their commitment to the program.

SolutionBridge Buyers are approved on a rolling basis. If you qualify to attend, a member of our team will reach out within five business days.

Solution Providers

High-value Leads Generation:

Meet only with budget-holding executives that have a desire and impetus to transact.

Amplified ROI:

Maximize your conference time investment by gaining access to hard-to-reach, in-market executives.

Enhanced Conference Experience:

Establish deep connections with attendees and ensure your HumanX experience drives optimal ROI. 

SolutionBridge Sponsors can add on meetings to their sponsor packages, subject to HumanX approval.

Bridge the gap between ambition and resources at HumanX.